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Our Designers

Our designers represent New York.
It maybe their untold story of struggle, or fearlessness
as they take bold leaps perfecting their craft.
The short-list for designers is:

Alice Wang, Aviya Seligman and Elad Danon, Guvanch,
Haixi Ren, Joyce Bao, and Xiaowu Zheng

Alice Wang
Fashion Institute of Techonology

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I savor destroying the traditional and generating
my own vision. My work is a clear representation of my world.
My designs embody the alpha female
with a strong sense of self. I focus on intricate details and
craftsmanship - echoing my design philosophy of resonating
that what is desired by the eyes and body.
My aesthetic and collection is not bound by time or trend.
I push boundaries without limitation and
inspire people to do the same through my designs.


Aviya Seligman and Elad Danon
Parsons School of Design

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Each piece is created as an “open-source” code that
gives users the right to hack and otherwise explore the
garment’s possibilities. Embracing the act of “trouble” as a
form of liberation and a tool for transformation and growth.
Our clothes challenge fixed ideas about dress
and stretch its boundaries by means of modular construction,
offering a sustainable solution for an ever-changing world.


Guvanch Agajumayev
Parsons School of Design

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I was born in Turkmenistan, and came to New York
seduced by the fashion of the city. I started as a stylist and
soon became a creative director. I have worked with amazing
brands, editorials, celebrities, and exceptional creatives.
After styling for four years, I created Guvanch NYC,
a gender neutral, sustainable, and made in NYC label. My label
focuses on one-of-a-kind pieces for eccentric and bold clients.
The brand designs for all body types – most of the pieces are
size-flexible, and can be worn by many different body types.
Guvanch continues to dream about
taking over the fashion world with his creativity and passion.


Haixi Ren
Fashion Institute of Techonology

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This collection is inspired by the philosophy behind “pure art”,
which was first proposed by Clement Greenburg.
Similar to how Greenburg understands a flat canvas,
I regard the body as a space to reproduce, redesign, express
and analyze existing garment form.
I created new textiles using sustainable processes,
which can be “paint” on the body. The collection is zero waste.


Joyce Bao
Cornell University

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My collection is the product of exploring my internal
repressions and alter-ego during a global pandemic, which
made me feel an urgency to unveil my truest form.
Growing up in a culture that perceives the expression
of sexuality negatively, my designs are about presenting
the idea of "sexy" in a romantic and angelic light.
These clothes are for anyone who aspires to be their
most extraordinary selves even in the most mundane settings.
I imagine a future where more people will be less afraid
to look how they feel.


Xiaowu Zheng
Pratt Institute

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I took inspiration from Chinese mythology,
old Hong Kong horror movies, and historical events such as
Tinanmen Square Protest to speak out on the importance of
freedom of speech and the freedom of art itself.
I want to dedicate this collection to all the brave sudents
who fought for the freedom of speech during the
Tianenmen Square Protest and other brilliant people
who fight for such causes all around the world.
As a Chinese, it is important for me to use this collection
to talk about censorhip in China and explore how we, the new
generation, can create a better social environment.