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NY(S)FS is the first fashion show
focused on students models, and creatives,
to be launched at the start of the NY Fashion Week.
NY(S)FS celebrates Gen Z, diversity and inclusion

We will showcase designers with new ideas & untold stories.
Our short-listed designers are:
Alice Wang, Aviya Seligman and Elad Danon, Guvanch,
Haixi Ren, Joyce Bao, and Xiaowu Zheng

The team includes Guvanch (Creative Director),
Daniella (Director Partnerships & Communication),
Janine (Associate Producer), Benjamin (Videographer), and Qiao (Photographer).
Special appearance: Khrystyana and The Real Catwalk
in support of diversity and inclusion

The models represent beauty in all its diversity –
race, ethnicity, body type, gender, and sexual orientation.
The Student Council has members from many esteemed institutions

OnTheWall and ONE Management
have provided the vision, leadership and logistic support
needed to make NY(S)FS a reality